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Very excited to announce Judy Rankin has been invited to pitch her creative project idea at the Geelong Arts Centre's Community Fuel evening on June 9.

Community Fuel is a live series of micro-grant events for local creatives where attendees will see the impact of the community’s collective ‘fuel’ instantly, with all money raised from tickets sold awarded to the winning pitch, as well as dollar-for-dollar matched funding from Geelong Arts Centre. If successful - she has a 1 in 4 chance! - Judy plans to engage actors and hold a public reading of the screenplay It's [Not] All About Liz! The idea is to invite producers, directors, and anyone who may be interested in turning the screenplay into a movie to come and experience the story and get involved.

The more people we can get to the event, the more chance Judy has of winning. So, please, follow this link and book your ticket. $10 entry, a bowl of soup and beverage and a chance to see "grassroots, community action at its best".

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