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Bianca B
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- Bianca B -

Bianca B is a teenager living on the Bellarine Peninsula and completing her high school studies. Diagnosed with level 2 autism, it hasn't always been easy for Bianca to express herself in a way that others find acceptable. However, she's found a release through writing and creating stories both fictitious and true.

Shayla Gray
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- Shayla Gray -

Shayla Gray is a teenager with an active imagination. Her specialty seems to be the naming of characters and plotting out intricate storylines. 

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Judy Rankin
- Judy Rankin -

Judy has been writing and journaling for as long as she can remember! However, it wasn't until 2014 that she decided to stop saying, "One day I'll write a book..." and actually did it. 

Since her debut, Judy has been published in several magazines, anthologies and journals. She is currently completing a creative-practice PhD in Communication and Media

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Ivor Steven
- Ivor Steven -

Formerly an Industrial Chemist, then a Plumber and now retired, Ivor has been writing poetry for 20 years. He is an active member of the Geelong Writers Inc. (Australia), a team member with the online magazine, "Go Dog Go Cafe" (USA) and a writer for "Coffee House Writers" magazine (USA).

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TJ Thompson
- T.J. Thompson -

Tabitha has enjoyed writing since her Year 2 Teacher encouraged her to create her own storybooks from paper, cardboard and contact. From that moment on, she explored different forms of writing such as short stories, poetry and many articles. It wasn't until the early birth of her daughter due to HELLP Syndrome, that Tabitha felt compelled to publish her own children's book and what followed was her first novel. Tabitha has also been a contributor to Mamamia, Forte Magazine and other publications. She loves writing and is looking forward to one day publishing her next novel.

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- Clara Cassidy, Judy Rankin, Liz Rankin, Joe Rankin -

Clara Cassidy lives on the Mornington Peninsula with her husband and is currently completing a university degree in commerce. 

Liz Rankin lives on the Mornington Peninsula and works as a deacon in the Anglican Church. 

Joe Rankin is retired and enjoys travelling in his motor home with his wife.

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John Windham
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- John Wyndham -

John was ordained in the Anglican Church in 1961. His ministry saw him serve in rural settings that covered 80,000 square miles as well as metropolitan settings of Sydney and Brisbane. 

John was an active member of ministry organisations SOMA and has spent considerable time in retirement documenting the missions and the work they've done over a long history.

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