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Copy Editing / Proofreading

Lesser known editing & proofreading marks.jpg

Proofreading is a type of editing. You’ll hear the terms editing, copy editing, line editing, proofreading… The list goes on. They are all slightly different and recommend you do your research to understand the differences.

What we’re calling copy editing/proofreading is a bit of a hybrid between the two. This service covers spelling, punctuation, general grammar, tenses (the copyediting part), general structure of manuscript (formatting) and suitability for audience (the proofreading part).

After identifying your intentions, we will scour the document using MS Word to ‘track changes’ and ‘comment’ on possible changes to improve the manuscript. General feedback will accompany the return of the manuscript but most of the editing will be intext.


Format – MS Word or Google Docs (not a PDF)
Font – Arial, Times New Roman or Garamond (preferred) 12 point
Double spacing
Normal Margins – 2.54cm top, bottom, left and right.
Header – Manuscript title and author’s name
Footer – page number

To find out more and set up a meeting,

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