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If self-publishing is the route you’ve chosen to take, Jaymah can help with formatting for publishing to displaying your novel in our online bookstore and distribution channels. This service is an extension of Formatting for Publishing or a standalone service.

As an extension of Formatting for Publishing, we will help you set up a print-on-demand account with the service provider of your choice so you keep full control over your publications. We can help upload your completed manuscript, source an ISBN (or bring your own) and make your book available for sale to a global audience through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Ingrams, Gardners, Google Play, Apple Books, Kobo, Libri, Scribd and the Jaymah online bookshop.

As you, the author, retain all copyright, you are free to pursue other avenues for sale, including local bookstores or personal websites.

For further information and to set up a meeting to discuss further, 

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