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Perceptions by Ivor Steven and Derrick Knight

Just in time for Christmas, prolific poet Ivor Steven has released a new book of poetry. This 51-page book of 'ekphrastic poetry' accompanies beautiful photography by Derrick Knight.

The unlikely collaboration of an English photographer and an Australian poet crosses borders to join in reflection and observation, quirkiness and rhyme.

'Ekphrastic poetry' is defined as poetry written about works of art. In this case, Ivor re-imagines in poems Derrick's beautiful photographs from landscapes to seascapes, butterflies, snails, horses and faeries.

Here is a snippet.

'The Faeries of Fry's Lane'

Walking down Fry's Lane

Sheltering from the misty rain

I did spy among the hedgerow berries

A Frolic of mystical faeries

Like iridescent glowing canaries

A fluttering of night-time luminaries

Trying not to disturb their magical home

I quietly asked them, "Are you all alone"

The faeries laughed and danced

They replied, "Your vision is by perchance

and your dreams may turn to stone

if you wish for a golden throne"

Suddenly the glittering sands of time

Illuminating the faeries' wings of rhyme

Begun vanishing from their fallen stars

And the faeries quickly flew back to their green Avatar


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1 commentaire

Ivor Steven
Ivor Steven
05 déc. 2022

Thanks Judy the "Perceptions" article looks fabulous 🤗😍📘

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