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“So a soul goes into a waiting room …” It sounds like the beginning a joke, doesn’t it?
No, it’s not a joke, but time for the big adventure. The soul is ready to start life anew. Assisted by consultants Lee and Jo, the soul ponders the many aspects of the physical world, eventually finding the exact placement needed to evolve in this lifetime.
Later the four-and-a-half year-old child finds her way into the magical corner shop, where kindly old Mrs Mills helps her to choose the protective behaviours that will see her safely through childhood.
In Good Choice, author Barbara Cook presents a fictional representation of A Soul’s Story, based on her personal experiences. Depicted through two of the magical and heart-warming consultations at pivotal moments on this soul’s journey, it offers a view of how one’s existence evolves.


You can purchase this book on:   Amazon - Balboa Press - Barnes and Noble


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Good Choice: A Soul's Story

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