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Part of the Echoes of Love series


Amidst the ashes of his former life, Charlie Dixon finds himself at a crossroads. Once a man content with the simplicity of his desires—a home, a family, and love—he now stands shattered by tragedy's cruel hand.


Accused of a crime he didn't commit, Charlie's journey to reclaim his innocence is fraught with obstacles. As he clears his name from the embers of suspicion, he grapples with the ghosts of his past that refuse to fade.


Yet, amidst the ruins, sparks of hope ignite. In the form of an unexpected friendship, Charlie begins to glimpse the possibility of a new beginning. But to embrace this second chance, he must confront the most daunting choice of all: to let go of the past or risk losing the chance for a future filled with love and redemption.

In this gripping tale of resilience and romance, Charlie Dixon must navigate the delicate balance between holding onto what once was and embracing what could be, discovering along the way that sometimes, the greatest love stories emerge from the ashes of our darkest moments.


Available on Kindle and as Lulu ebook

Gilderoy - Charlie's Story

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