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White Structure
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Australian Poetry

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Jaymah operates as a small, independent publishing consultant supporting indie writers. Not every story - no matter how compelling  - will be published through a traditional publisher. But that doesn't mean the story isn't good enough to be published.

Jaymah endeavours to give writers the tools they need to self-publish and an opportunity to sell their work without having to pay a premium for the privilege.

Jaymah's online resources are free and help writers prepare for self-publishing. However, should a writer need a little more help, they can engage a publishing consultant to help with the finicky bits. 

Jaymah also offers an arena for writers to join together in one spot (or one site) to sell their work in Jaymah's online bookstore. 

All profit from the sale of a book returns to the author.


Jaymah's mission is to support indie writers publish their work, gain exposure and build their brand.


They say there's safety in numbers. By bringing together indie writers to showcase their work, our vision is to highlight the talent that is out there being ignored by traditional publishers because they don't already have a large profile of followers.

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About Jaymah's Founder

Judy Rankin-Reid - the founder of Jaymah - has a BA (Hons) in Publishing and Professional Writing. She is a published writer having appeared in MUFTI, the Victorian RSL Members' Magazine, That's Life magazine, several annual anthologies and published novels through traditional publishers and self-publishing.

As such, she's been through the lows of endless rejection letters, experienced the highs of seeing her work in print and wants to share her first-hand experiences and knowledge with other writers. 


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